We provide time tested financial solutions for you.

Wealth Creation

If not taken care, over time your savings will go through erosion in purchasing power due to rise in costs. We help you build wealth by making your savings grow by beating inflation and saving on your incidental taxes.

Education Planning

Give your children the education they deserve. Give them the liberty to make a choice without worrying about the fees.  In your journey of seeing your child graduate through a premier University we join hands with you to set up saving plans which will help you to fund the cost of education.

Retirement Planning

Your retirement years could be as long as your work life. Unless you plan early your golden years may just remain a dream for you. There can’t be thought more fearful than you outliving your money. We help you to carve out a meticulous retirement plan. Let your golden years remain truly golden.

Life Insurance

Uncertainties of life no one knows. Should you be at the receiving end of a call by Almighty let your loved ones at home not go through financial hardships in your absence. We help you put in place a solid insurance plan to take care of family needs as well as protect your human life value.

Critical Illness Insurance

The dreaded critical illnesses like heart attacks, cancer, and many others have become order of the day. It is a living death for the person and the family who are at the receiving brunt of critical illness. We help you get appropriate Critical Illness Insurance.

Regular Income

Be it your days in between hopping the jobs, or your retirement years or creating that second income, we have many options available for you to create a regular income. The regular income plans we create for you come with tax exemptions and your cash flows could potentially rise as inflation picks up. Let inflation never worry you with our regular income planning.
I have invested through Dr. Chandrakanth Bhat over the past 12 years and I am happy to report that I continue to do so consistently since then. Dr. Bhat supplements an instinctive feel and understanding of the financial world, especially the stock market with intense research and constantly updates his immense knowledge base by continued reading. He blends a deep understanding of the clients needs with his knowledge of market movements to stitch a plan that ideally suits the client. All in all Dr. Bhat is a complete financial advisor.

Dr. Nandakishore  Medical Practitioner , Mangalore , India

I find you as a very professional Relationship manager, who has a right pulse of the current market. You have been a guiding force for me to invest carefully in the equity market, which has benefitted me handsomely. You have selected the right instrument for me meeting my long and medium term goal. I find your approach towards creating regular income for retirees is very unique which helped me get an excellent cash flows when bank FDs let us down. I find you very prompt in responding to my queries and helping out to clear my doubts about investments. I never felt the physical distance between us ever existed. Your services have neutralized all physical boundaries between clients.

YK Sardana , Project Head , Petrofac , Malaysia

Started my association with Mr. Bhat at the beginning of this year ( 2017 ). He has since helped me develop a robust portfolio of mutual funds with the right balance of aggression and safety  I enjoy a regular and informed dialogue with Mr. Bhat who always keeps me up to date with market movements and ensures that I have looked at all the available information before we agree on purchases.  I like the care and attention that I receive and for those of us that desire an active approach, the service is first class. Adding to that is a very user-friendly software with all the required reports.

Vinod Kumar , Manager , Aviation Operations ,   Oman Oil Marketing Company Muscat

I have known Dr. Bhat for the past many years. He is quite different from the stereotypical financial adviser.   He has always attempted to teach the fundamentals of long-term financial investment so that one can take independent decisions rather than him merely managing an individual's portfolio.  He is diligent, perseverant and very straight in his interactions and there is a comfort level in dealing with him that has built up over the years.  I wish him all the best for the future and will continue to be associated with him in the coming years as well. 

Shahrukh A Khan , Executive Director , FMCG Major , New Delhi

Dear Chandrakanth Bhat pleasure to have an Investment Advisor like u. U always update latest happenings n keep the investment growing n love to introduce many friends.Keep going keep guiding n make clients keep growing.

S S Nayak, Chartered Accountant, Mangalore India

I wish to share my gratitude to D r. Chandrakanth B hat who o pened my eyes to the world of finance. My knowledge of financial investment for 32 years of my service life was FD's. Postal investment , Insurance policies. I had never ventured into the world of SIP.  A wonderful and mesmerizing  PowerPoint presentation to me and my family a year ago was an eye opener.  Since then several of my friends have joined as his clients including budding investors like my daughter and nephew who are working since a couple of years. Thanks. God bless you. Best regards.

Dr. Narayan Pratap. Reproduction Specialist. DG of Veterinary Services. Royal Court Affairs. Muscat. Oman.

It has been enormous learning and pleasure on being associated with such a meticulous financial planner as you. It's precisely 10years since I have known you and very closely associated since last 3 to 4 years. Dr. Chandrakanth Bhat is certified financial planner, he is highly knowledgeable & the business model he runs is not stuck with one product or service provider, he has enormous financial products & service provider in his basket based on the need of the customer he makes tailor made proposition. He is highly client focused and cares deeply about the outcomes his clients achieve. I highly recommend his services. He​ is ​a true asset in your financial prosperity and wellbeing. Having been associated with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Dr. Chandrakanth Bhat has been 10 years MDRT in a row 2008-2017. COT 2 years in a row 2015 - 2016. If you want any advice on wealth creation & financial planning I will recommend Dr. Chandrakanth Bhat on any given day.​

Kishan Shetty , Regional Head , ICICI Prudential , Mangalore

Dr. Chandrakanth Bhat helped my retired parents manage their funds in a format which is tailor-made for their needs.  This personal touch- understanding the client's needs, evaluating their age, income & foreseeing their expenses, is what makes Dr. Chandrakanth Bhat, a good financial advisor.

Mrs. Anita Sajith , Home Maker , Bangalore

I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for all the support and guidance provided by you for effective investment in various instruments.   You are a valuable resource specially for people who are not so well conversant with the investments in high risk with high returns.  Your guidance and support helped me to invest wisely to raise my wealth levels considerably.  The main feature is the balanced portfolio which helped to grow my investments as well as to have regular income for my living expenses. I take this opportunity to wish you well in your endeavors and may you have the spirit and grace to help other people to guide them to invest wisely.

Peter Fernandeds , Retired Bank Executive , Dubai

Over a decade I have been associated with financial industry. I have been witnessing a great transformation across this sector and most importantly the investor behaviour over the years... not only in India but across globe In the present scenario and in near future more and more investors are looking forward to share their financial planning to one point professional rather than gamut of different avenues. They are looking forward to one individual who can not only advice and help them in thier current financial planning but also future .. and same time keep a micro watch on thier investment regularly. This all brings me to you..Over a decade of me being here & working with over few thousand financial professionals across, you surely stand at the very top of my list.. your passion to learn and adapt , meticulous way of going micro in your investors risk vs return appetite, understanding thier long term and short term goals and then giving them the best suited financial portfolio, speaks volume of your Professionalism. What makes it even more intresting is your ability to stay humble and dedicated to every single investor of yours over all these years. No matter ​w​hat book size you manage for them . And i am sure every investor looks forward to this quality . Hence Today ​I​ thought let me take this opportunity to salute the professional in you for inspiring me always . Looking forward to meet you in person on your visit to India.

Sachin Kamath, Senior Regional Head, Finance Industry​, Bangalore

I have known Dr. Bhat now for more than 5 years and over that period have had such faith in his advice and recommendations, that I have introduced him to all of my friends and colleagues.  He is a consummate professional who is committed to rendering the best possible service to his clients and I have found that my association with him over the years has been an extremely rewarding experience.  His financial acumen has both enlightened and enriched me.

Zubin Shroff , Regional Finance Director , Multinational Company, Dubai

I have been working with Dr. Bhatta for the last 4 years, taking his help to structure my savings portfolio.  Dr. Bhat is very knowledgeable of the market and the current/future trends and is able to explain the concepts and assumptions very clearly, enabling you to take an informed call.  He is very prompt and proactive in guiding and assisting on the documentation, KYC, and other requests. This is hugely helpful in the current environment of heavy compliance.  I do feel that he provides an unbiased opinion about the saving/investment products and over the years we have developed a high regard and mutual trust.  I wish him all the best and am sure he will succeed in all future endeavours.

Akshay Arora , Finance Director , Shipping major, Dubai

We have known Dr. Chandrakant  Bhat since 2011.   He was referred to us by one of my husband's colleagues, who was also his client and was highly satisfied with his service. On our first meeting with Dr. Bhat we were convinced of the financial plan he worked out as per our needs.  It's been now 6 years since we are associated with Dr Bhat.  Now, what makes him different from the ones we have known is his professionalism and dedication to his work.  If you need any advise or just need to know how your funds are working, he is just a call away.  His expertise and knowledge in his field has always been of assistance to us. His opinions/thoughts on the current monetary or economic situation which he regularly posts is always interesting and educative. We look forward to more fruitful years of association with Dr. Bhat and wish him all success and good luck in future.

Veeda DSouza, Home Maker , Dubai

“I am absolutely delighted with Dr. Bhat's service. It is really refreshing to work with a financial adviser who is truly interested in their client’s needs, circumstances and preferences. What impressed me was the way you took the time to establish my financial needs before applying your depth of knowledge, and best of all a common sense approach to delivering your service. Your professional, ethical and caring demeanour elicits my trust and respect and I gladly recommend your services whenever possible.”

Chimbu Vazhoor – Client since 2013 . Senior Manager, Petrofac Dubai

I owe my now disciplined outlook on investments to Chandrakant. It was him, who by his constant follow ups, initiated me into being a systematic investor. Thanks Chandrakant for encouraging me and instilling the discipline.

Shailesh Shenoy , Head of Finance , Lucy Middle East FZE

The day I was introduced to Mr. Bhatt life has changed, he has taken his time to explain about the plans, see to it I have understood what I am getting into. Any time I call him he is more than willing to listen and give his expert advice. He has a lot of experience in his field and alway go the extra mile to see his clients get the best. He is honest and very down to earth person.

Edgar & Eva Pereira - Wartsila Dubai

I am associated with Dr.Bhatta since last 6 years. He s a thourough professional and believes in creating and nurturing trust amongst his clients. His advises and suggestions are completely unbiased. He always strives to safeguard and upkeep the interests of his clients to the best. Personally for me , he s not only a trusted financial advisor but also a friend to whom I can always count on for balanced feedback and suggestions.

Jitendra Kulkarni, Deputy General Manager , EROS , Dubai

In my association with Dr Bhat for more than a decade, I have observed a few outstanding qualities. First, his willingness to learn. An open mind to new ideas and learnings keep one relevant all the time. Second, his readiness to accept newer challenges. By walking untroaden paths, one defines the boundaries of the game. Meticulous planning, accurate execution and never say die attitude with empathy for his clients has been the distinguishing factors of him.

Raviraj Nayak , Mentor, Counsellor and a Career Coach - Udupi, Karnataka, India

I have known Mr. Bhat for 6 months and have invested in a couple of his recommended schemes (and would love to invest more). He has guided me very well on various investment options available - low risk, medium risk and high risk alongwith returns one may expect for short term and long term investments. There are no surprises or hidden matters in the investment advices from Mr. Bhat. Mr. Bhat also keeps regularly updating me about market situations, new avenues for investments and what I should watch out for. This really helps since we don't really get enough time to do all this research ourselves. It always help if there is a partner like Mr. Bhat who guides and protects your investment interests. All in all it's a wonderful experience dealing with Mr. Bhat and I would recommend anyone to deal with him, hands down!

Naresh Pai, Director, Nasma Telecommunications LLC, Muscat, Oman

We are absolutely delighted with your service for last 5 years. It is really refreshing to work with a financial adviser who is truly interested in their client’s needs, circumstances and preferences. What really impressed me was the way you took the time to get a feeling for where I was at, your depth of knowledge, lateral thinking and your common sense approach. Your professional, ethical and caring character elicits my trust and respect and I gladly recommend your services whenever possible.

Geeta & Bhushan Pitambare Chief Estimation Manager , ​Arabtec Engineering Services ,​Dubai